She is a Wonder turns 1!

She is a Wonder officially turned 1 on 18 May - We are blessed and definitely humbled by this entire process and experience. The first year is always the most difficult year of a business and let me tell you whoever said this is totally on point...

Having your own business is more than making a living from it - you pour your heart and soul into your business and it comes with so many emotions, challenges and lessons. You are mentally and physically drained and tested but it is so important to keep the end goal in mind.

I had to ask myself on many occasions - "What is your purpose with the brand?", "Why did you start?" and "Are you making the impact you wanted?" Even though I always had the answer to my questions it was still a very difficult year filled with lots of tears, confusion and frustration but it also has been a beautiful year filled with blessings and wonderful clients. This past year has been humbling and definitely a year of learning and experiencing.

I am proud of this brand, what it stands for and most importantly the impact it has on females around South Africa.

Thank you all so much for your contribution and support towards She is a Wonder, without you we could not have done this - we are excited for the next year ahead.

Photo credit: My 6 year old son



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